When you think about dating services, you probably think of platforms that help match people with potential partners based on their common interests. But what happens after that initial connection? For plenty of couples, coming up with date ideas can be even more difficult than finding potential matches – and who hasn’t been involved in those tedious ‘What do you want to do?’ ‘You choose,’ ‘No, you choose!’ conversations.

Love Allies is redefining the traditional ‘dinner and a movie’ date and creating an experience that is designed to be different. We start with location and build a custom date and adventure experience around your hobbies, interests, and, of course, budget.

The Love Allies team is here to take the hassle out of spending hours of your time planning for that perfect date night or getaway vacation with your significant other. As the ultimate dating concierge service, Love Allies helps couples plan, book and execute the perfect date – handling everything from concept to completion so your date is seamless.

Love Allies gives couples the tools to form the basis of a meaningful relationship – one which is built on common interests, similar lifestyles and shared values:

Sharing experiences builds strong connections.  Love Allies provides couples with personalised itineraries that are matched to their couple style – further strengthen connections through shared experiences.

Love Allies allows couples to experience ‘bachelor style’ dates without the stress and worry about how to create them.  Love Allies focuses on travel, romance and luxury – ensuring that the journey is just as memorable as the destination.

Love Allies is in the business of making memories that will  last a lifetime.  Experiences will be bespoke, high end and will celebrate people and their unique connections.

Love Allies is the next generation initiative that is based on the desire to connect people in meaningful way – a dating concierge designed to help couples connect and establish healthy relationships.