Show Your Love

November 23, 2020
William Shakespeare once said
“They that do not love that do not show their love”.

Now, some of you may think differently, but I for one agree with this. It is important to express your love for your partner. As humans we need to be reminded of feelings otherwise we forget.

A lot of us these days take the ones we love for granted. Some of us think that now that we are in a relationship, nothing can go wrong and the love will maintain itself. That is no longer the case. Love, like everything else in life, needs work. It needs freshness and playfulness and excitement. 

I can already hear some of you saying ‘but life gets busy!’- so what? Do you really love someone if you are too busy to take a few hours in your week to do something special for them? 

There are so many simple ways to show your partner that you love them. Here are Five Quick and Easy Ideas to Express Your Love: 

Organise a candlelit dinner - take a night to cook for your partner and set the room with some candles and flowers. If doing it at home is not possible, organise it at a restaurant. Or, if cooking isn’t your thing, order from their favorite takeaway place or have food delivered.

Take them on a late night drive - there are so many nice spots that are perfect for an evening drive. This gives you both a chance to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors too. 

Tell them how much you miss them when you haven’t seen them for a while. 

Pay attention to their likes and wants. Then, surprise them once in a while with something they wanted i.e. while shopping, your partner notices an item of clothing that they really liked. Sneak the clothing into the cart or go back to purchase it later that week and then, surprise him or her with it!

Involve them in your life - introduce them to your friends, family and work colleagues. Tell people how amazing this person is in your life. Keeping your relationship behind closed doors will not benefit anyone and will only create doubt. 

There are other ways you can use to express your love too. Some people can make it extravagant while others may do something low key. Both are fine! Both show you care. As long as you don’t get comfortable in your relationship and you stop making an effort after being a hopeless romantic a few times. 

Every healthy relationship needs time to grow but it also needs both partners to show they care and they want to be together. Don’t let your love be lost because you didn’t show it! 

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